“Let Computers Computer so that Humans can Human…”

With a combined 45  years of experience in the development industry, the Akudos team is teeming with ideas and drive to create and build better products to make life easier.

Our Story

Over an afternoon beer, Richard and Wai were lamenting about how much of their time was spent away from their families, and how much of their time, energy, and good ideas went towards client projects on other people’s terms. From this discussion Richard and Wai were inspired to create their own company that not only better aligned with how they wanted to live and work, but how they envisioned others could work as well.  They wanted the opportunity to build products meticulously and properly; products that automated repetitive tasks to allow people to focus on more important things at work or home.

And that was the start of Akudos...  

Our Happy People

Founder & Product Manager

Wairere Iti

Founder - Software Architect

Richard Brookes

Founder & HTML Guru

Abdullah Norozi-Fietz

Code Generator/Robot

Charbel Abdo

Product Designer

Daley Maasz

Data Demon

Grace Leota