Valued People are Happy People

Akudos is an awards management platform that makes it easy for you to celebrate the people doing great stuff in your community  
Helping people feel valued at:

The Features You Need

Nominations, Submissions and Applications

Use our FormBuilder to make forms and workflows that your applicants will love. Easy anonymous registration with embeddable forms or hosted registrations for continued use and management. Applicants can save progress, upload media and documents or anything else you need.

Judging, Assessing and Evaluating

We have created a space where your busy judges can get stuff done quickly. Everything they need to review nominations or applications and tools for viewing support media and documents.

Akudos has multiple judging methodologies so applications can be ranked or scored on a criteria.

Management, Administration and Reporting

Akudos has tools to help make the job of managing awards easy. No more paper forms, copying and pasting in to Excel or sending out thumb drives with media. No more wondering how far along your judges are in the process and if  they have opened  that last reminder email. View and report on your results and ensure the integrity of your programme with auditing.

The Programmes You Run


Build your own workflow to collect nominations and support material and then distribute them to your judges.

It’s never been easier to run an awards programme.

Staff Recognition

Build a work culture that rewards the embodiment of your company values.

Make it easy for staff to engage and management to acknowledge the excellence.

Grants & Funding

Needing to collect submissions for your grants and funding programme then get all that information to your assessors?


Acknowledge up and coming talent with your scholarship funding program.

Reduce the pain of applying and managing the collection of results and comments from your selection panels.

Incubator / Accelerator

Are you running a program that recognises good ideas and wants to help them grow?

Something Different?

Akudos is designed for you and very much by you.

If we can't currently do it then it is because no-one has yet asked.